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creation or evolution


You can take me to paradise,
And then again you can be cold as ice
I’m over my head,
But it sure feels nice.
You can take me anytime you like,
I’ll be around if you think you might love me baby,
And hold me tight.
Your mood is like a circus wheel,
You’re changing all the time,
Sometimes I can’t help but feel,
That I’m wasting all of my time.
Think I’m looking on the dark side,
But everyday you hurt my pride,
I’m over my head,
But it sure feels nice,

"All you need is love" is a lie cause we had enough but we still said goodbye.  Now we’re tired, battered fighters…and it stings when it’s nobody’s fault cause there’s nothing to blame at the drop of your name.  It’s only the air you took and the breath you left.  We share the sadness, split screen sadness.


Tumor. Ink on Paper, 10 x 9”, 2012.

James Jean’s art is incredible…one of my favorite artists.  He is inspiring!

Keller William’s Grateful Grass- Sugaree at the Triangle Stage

(Source:, via cest-ly-vie)

I stare one down a long moment and he suddenly turns transparent: finally all I see is a bunch of bones moving through water.